Trainer - Ayesha Umar




Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Graduate Certificate in Careers Education and Development, Certificate of Gifted Education, Certificate of Ambitious Teaching and Learning, Cert IV Training and Assessment


Ayesha worked for a multinational engineering manufacturing industry before switching to career counselling.  She has worked around the globe in the education and corporate sectors. She worked as a career consultant with high schools across Victoria on ACCE’s My Career Insights Program before joining the CEAV Institute as a trainer and assessor.

She has led several programs over the years that have triggered progressive change. She designed and developed a pilot primary school careers program called ‘Work Inspirations Program’ that was lauded by the local newspaper and the Australian Career Practitioner Magazine. She also designed and delivered a ‘Collaborative Gifted Program’ that includes teachers, gifted students and parents training. She also delivered entrepreneurship, communication and networking training through the local chambers of commerce.

She writes regularly on education and careers for multiple publications. With more than a decade long experience in career development and education, her passion for growth is contagious.nShe is a transformational leader with a sole purpose of empowering and motivating individuals with a growth mindset so that they become the best versions of themselves by means of self-efficacy.