RTO Manager - Anna-Louise Allen


RTO Manager


Bachelor of Education, Advanced Diploma of Business (HR), Diploma of VET, Diploma of Quality Auditing,


Anna-Louise Allen commenced her teaching career in 1978. She has been a leader in education and a catalyst for change and innovation in teaching and learning. Anna-Louise has taught in technical and secondary schools as well as in the TAFE sector. She ran the Geography Teachers Association in Victoria in 1986 – 88 where she wrote and published a wide range of teaching materials including kits and posters, as well as organising conferences and in-services both within Victoria and as part of the Australian Geography Teachers Association.

Anna-Louise set up the Forest Education Project within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and has written many environmental education programs, including the ‘Do Something Program’ which was launched on Mimi McPherson’s Whale Watching boat and promoted through Cheeze TV.

Anna-Louise has published textbooks, industry articles and a wide range of training materials for use in both the school and vocational sectors. More recently Anna-Louise was well known for her fair and informative audit style, conducting audits for both the State and National Regulator and a range of funding bodies. She is a strong advocate for the Learn Local sector and has a passion for assisting some of the more vulnerable members of our community.