Student Privacy Policy


The purpose of this policy is to:

·        Outline the framework for the management of the right for student privacy in relation to the records collected and managed by the CEAV Institute.

·        Ensure the RTO systematically manages student privacy while recording, storing, communicating and reporting student records in line with legislative and regulatory requirements.


This policy applies to the CEAV Institute (RTO 22523) including:

·        Trainers and assessors

·        Records and report staff

·        Students

·        Work placement organisations

·        Managers across ACCE who take placement students


CEAV Institute collects, uses, stores, retains, archives, and destroys information in our student record files according to the requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and Amendments, the Victorian Privacy Act 2000, Public Records Act 1973 (Vic) (PR Act) and upholds the National Privacy Principles and the Information Privacy Principles.

These principles encompass: Collection, Use and Disclosure, Data Quality, Data Security, Openness, Assess and Correction, Unique Identifiers, Anonymity, Transborder Data Flows and Sensitive Information. (For a summary of these principles refer to the Companion Document: Summary of the National Privacy Principles).

This policy document serves to outline CEAV Institute’s commitment to the fundamental right of individuals to the privacy or their personal information.


CEAV Institute collects personal information to assist in the provision of its services. Personal information will not be collected unless it is relevant for a purpose directly related to a function or activity of CEAV Institute and will only be collected by lawful means. Where CEAV Institute collects personal information for inclusion in a record, it will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the individual is made aware of the purpose for which the information is being collected. CEAV Institute will not collect personal information by unlawful or unfair means.

Student details are collected for the purposes of:

·        processing enrolments and enquiries;

·        communicating accurately with students;

·        matching courses with students’ needs;

·        dispatching course information;

·        enrolment procedures;

·        delivering course materials;

·        managing record keeping processes and student account details;

·        compiling statistics, data reporting requirements, issuing of Statements of Attainment, Qualifications, and market research (only when permission has been granted).

CEAV Institute will ensure that the collection of personal information does not intrude to an unreasonable extent upon the personal affairs of the individual concerned and that information collected is accurate and current.

Use and Disclosure

CEAV Institute uses the personal information only for the purpose that it was provided, to provide products or services, to communicate with students and staff and to communicate with nominated people in the event of an accident or emergency. CEAV Institute does not provide or sell personal information to external companies for the purposes of marketing.

CEAV Institute also collects statistical information in order to improve the level of service provision and to fulfil contractual data reporting requirements; however, none of this information may be directly attributable to any individual.

CEAV Institute may be required to provide personal information to external organisations including the Australian Government and designated authorities to provide specific services and as required by law.

Data Quality

CEAV Institute relies on students and clients to advise of changes in personal information to maintain compete, accurate and up-to-date records.

CEAV Institute will ensure that records are accurate, current, complete, and not misleading. CEAV Institute confirms information/details from students as part of the re-enrolment procedure; see the Course Enrolment Policy and Procedure.


All students, clients and employees have the right to view their personal information held by CEAV Institute free of charge. An individual may apply to receive a copy of their personal information held by CEAV Institute. Student information may not be released to parents, partners or any other third party, without the student’s written consent. Disclosure to a third party will only be granted after receiving verified written permission. 

To access personal information, a Request to Access Personal Information Form needs to be completed and submitted to RTO Student Services Officers who will organise access as per the Student Privacy Procedure.

If a student gives written consent to release certain information, a record of the written consent must be held on the student file.


Complaints regarding a privacy matter will be handled in accordance with the Student Complaints and Appeals Policy.

If a complaint cannot be addressed by CEAV Institute through the Student Complaints and Appeals Policy, the matter can be taken further by contacting the Australian Privacy Commission.


Quality Assurance

The RTO Manager and/or the delegated staff member is responsible for the regular review of student records, procedures and activities. CEAV Institute has in place a range of quality assurance systems and mechanisms to ensure that student records are maintained and reported accurately.

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Related Legislation

·        Education and Training Reform Act 2006

·        National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011, including the July 2020 amendments

·        Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and Amendments

·        National Privacy Principles

·        Victorian Privacy Act 2008

·        Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic)

·        Public Records Act 1973

Approved by



The Committee of Management


Signed:    Date:  2nd February 2021



Review Date


Effective from:                 February 2021


Review date:                    February 2024