Learner Welfare and Guidance Policy

1.0 Policy Overview

CEAV Institute is committed to providing a safe and equitable learning environment and the following is an overview of CEAV Institute philosophy and supporting policies to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for all learners.

This document covers:

  • Enrolment
  • Staff and learner expectations
  • Candidate support services
  • Candidate safety
  • OH & S
  • Privacy
  • Access and equity

2.0 Context

The following summary forms the context for the development and implementation of policies governing the Learner Welfare and Guidance Policy

2.1 The RTO is committed to respecting the dignity of each individual, to promoting the development of self esteem and to
foster an appreciation of the dignity and value of others. It is therefore the basis on which the Learner Welfare and Guidance
Policies are developed.
2.2 The underlying aims of the Learner Welfare and Guidance Policies are to develop a sense of responsibility for self, to
create a harmonious environment in which all are able to study and learn, to work co-operatively, to relate to others with respect
and acceptance of differences, to strive for and achieve their goals as candidates
2.3 Staff and candidates of CEAV Institute are expected to treat each other with care, courtesy and fairness; and to use
acceptable language at all times, therefore violence, intimidation or bullying will not be tolerated.

3.0 Enrolment

CEAV Institute is committed to ensuring successful student outcomes by only enrolling students who have the capacity to fulfill the requirements to complete the qualification in which they have enrolled. Please refer for marketing in print and online which states:

‘Entry requirements: Candidates must have appropriate language, literacy and numeracy level to undertake this course and
have access to a computer with reliable internet access. Candidates will be expected to be currently employed in career
development or a related field.’

3.1 No-one is to prevent others from learning.
3.2 As staff have the responsibility for safety and the direction of the learning at the RTO, Candidates are expected to carry out all lawful directives given by staff.
3.3 Care is to be taken of the RTO environment and each other's property.
3.4 Members of the RTO community are to be present for and punctual to all classes and RTO activities for which they are scheduled.
3.5 Candidates are not to involve themselves in violence, harassment or intimidation of fellow candidates, staff or any members of the general community whilst enrolled at the RTO.
3.6 Smoking, drinking alcohol or misuse of other drugs at RTO, on the way to and from RTO or whilst engaged in activities related to RTO is not permitted.

4.0 Possible consequences of breaching the Learner and Welfare Guidance Policy

4.1 Consultation with trainer/assessor/Training Manager and Candidate
4.2 Counselling and support
4.3 Termination of enrolment
4.4 Criminal actions will be referred to the appropriate authorities

5.0 Anti Smoking Policy

5.1 The RTO is a smoke free environment.

6.0 Candidate Support Services

Candidate Support Services is the name given to programs which support Candidates educational programs.

  • CEAV Institute maintains a comprehensive and up to date online Learning Management System to which all enrolled candidates have access.
  • CEAV Institute encourages trainer/assessor and candidate discussion through online forums to assist candidates with course content.
  • Trainers/Assessors are available to candidates via email and telephone to answer any questions or concerns that candidates have about any aspect of their education and training with CEAV Institute.
  • CEAV Institute will provide a fully equipped, disability accessible training room with internet access for all face to face training workshops.
  • Candidate access to the Course Reference Library and onsite laptop computer borrowing with internet access is at CEAV Unit 3 192B (Building B) Burwood Road, Hawthorn: Monday to Friday from10.00am - 4.00 pm excluding public holidays and Christmas shutdown period.
  • CEAV Institute will provide referral to relevant services for support for literacy and numeracy difficulties e.g. Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council when required. Referral list available on request. Any additional cost incurred will be met by the Candidate.
  • CEAV Institute will ensure learners have every reasonable opportunity to complete their training program. CEAV Institute is committed to supporting all Candidates’ learning and will make reasonable adjustments to training and assessment for Candidates with identified special needs. Candidates need to contact the CEAV Training Manager to discuss their circumstances.

7.0 How can I contact Candidate Services?

Candidates can contact the RTO Training Manager or ask their trainer for more information.

8.0 Candidate Safety Measures

CEAV Institute is committed to providing a safe work environment for all Candidates undertaking courses with CEAV Training.

To this end:

  • All onsite training days will be conducted between 9.00am and 4.00pm. CEAV Institute will provide three break times during training days.
  • CEAV Institute recommends that Candidates should take measures to ensure that they do not spend more than four hours of study in any one session without a break from their study stations and computers.
  • CEAV Institute recommends that a reasonable break time should be between 30 mins and 45 mins.
  • CEAV Institute recommends that Candidates advise their trainer or the RTO Training Manager if they require further assistance in terms of their safety while undertaking their course of study.
  • CEAV Institute is close to public transport - both trains and trams. Public Transport location maps can be accessed through the CEAV Institute website.
  • Ample on-site and on street parking is available. CEAV Institute is located within walking distance to all amenities including shops and banks.
  • CEAV Institute provides a disabled ramp for access to the building.

9.0 Occupational Health and Safety

CEAV Institute recognises that the health and safety of all its staff and candidates undertaking study through CEAV Institute is
a priority. This includes all forms of behaviour that might impact the health, welfare and safety of others. If accidents or incidents
do occur, they should be reported. Incidents should be investigated to ensure that the possibility of recurrence or further risk is

If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of your health and safety during your enrolment with CEAV Institute you should
contact the CEAV Training Manager. Contact details are on this website. Alternatively you can access all
information and forms on the CEAV Institute website.

10.0 Privacy (for more detail see Privacy Policy)

CEAV Institute is committed to protecting the privacy of its staff and candidates by ensuring that the security of personal
information is maintained within the organisation. CEAV Institute endorses the National Privacy Principles (set out in
amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 which came into being on 21 December 2001) and has adopted them in its management
of personal information.

CEAV Institute will ask you for private information for the purposes of processing your enrolment form and managing your
education and training. This information will only be used by the CEAV Institute for the purposes for which it is intended.
The Privacy Act covers the collection, use, disclosure, quality and security of personal information and gives individuals the right
to access and correct their information. You have the right to access your records at any time by contacting the CEAV Institute on Ph. 03
9810 6407 during business hours or downloading the appropriate form on www.ceavtraining.edu.au

11.0 Access and Equity

Equity is a term used to cover issues relating to access to VET, participation in VET, and achievement of outcomes in VET.
Equity issues range from providing a supportive learning environment to adjusting assessments to meet individual
circumstances, from policies on fee reduction to development of inclusive training materials. Basically, equity refers to the ability
to achieve results in training and to receive training in an inclusive environment with inclusive materials. An inclusive
environment or set of materials is one that acknowledges and values the differences between people and cultures. It includes
rather than excludes.

CEAV Institute is committed to ensuring that all prospective Candidates are able to participate and have the opportunity to build
on their potential, make choices and receive responsive and appropriate products and services. While the destination for all
Candidates may be the same (i.e. demonstrating competence to the standard required), the journey may be different. For
example, some Candidates may gain their credential through skills recognition. Some Candidates may need more time than
others, for example because of their family or work responsibilities. CEAV Institute aims to ensure equity by being flexible,
responsive and avoiding a ‘one size fits all’ approach to training and assessment.

Access generally refers to the ability to enter training. CEAV Institute is committed to improving access includes improving
physical access to the training venue and ensuring that selection criteria do not discriminate against Candidates.