Fee and Fee Refund Policy

1.0 Policy Overview

This policy sets out the circumstances under which Candidates must pay fees, and may claim a refund for these fees paid and the associated procedures for handling refunds. Candidates for the purposes of this policy are VET Candidates only.

2.0 Fees

2.0 All fees are GST exempt.
2.1 CEAV Institute does not accept fees in advance from individual students. Fees in advance from organisations will be treated as Quarantined funds as per policy 2.5.(6).
2.2 Candidates will be invoiced for course fees after course commencement and will receive one invoice per course ‘cluster’ of units of competency
2.3 Upon receipt of each invoice, candidates will have 14 days in which to pay the invoiced course fees. Continued enrollment is dependent on timely payment of fees
2.5 If withdrawal occurs after census date has passed, there will be no refund available. In exceptional circumstances such as financial hardship, immediate family bereavement and/or serious illness, refunds will be considered on 2.4 Refund applications must be made in writing to the CEAV Training Manager within 8 weeks of course commencement. Refund forms are available on the CEAV website.an individual basis at the discretion of CEAV Institute.

2.6 Once enrolled, students are expected to complete their chosen course in one year.
2.7 If a candidate is unable or chooses not to complete the qualification in which they are enrolled, and the one year timeperiod for course completion has expired, they may apply for their enrolment to be re-activated. Enrolment reactivation will attract an additional fee. Enrolment reactivation fee will also apply for a candidate who defers. Any outstanding course fees will also need to be paid

3.0 Grounds for refunds

Candidates will receive a full refund of fees paid and there will be no administration charge in the following circumstances:

3.1 the course is cancelled
3.2 the course is rescheduled to a time and location that is unsuitable for the Candidate.
3.3 a Candidate is not given a place due to the class being full.

Course Withdrawal

A full refund will apply if Candidates withdraw before the course commences. However, Candidates are strongly advised to
consider their work and/or personal commitments before enrolling to avoid this situation occurring.

If a Candidate is able to produce evidence of a successful application for RPL in parts of a course where the full fees have been paid, they may apply for a part refund of fees for that subject/s.

A 50% refund applies if Candidates withdraw for personal reasons beyond their control and within the first 8 weeks of the

Acceptable reasons may include:

3.4 sickness (verified by a medical certificate)
3.5 change of employment hours or location (verified by employer)
3.6 other reasons deemed valid at the RTO’s discretion.

No refund will be granted after the Candidate participates in more than 8 weeks of the course. The date of withdrawal shall be the date that the RTO receives the refund application accompanied by the relevant supporting documentation.

3.7 Deferral is the postponement of study. In the event of unforeseen personal circumstances, an application for
deferment must be made in writing to the Training Manager at CEAV Institute for consideration using the Withdrawal/Deferral form. If a candidate requires a refund, they should withdraw.

4.0 Procedures for applying for refunds

To apply for a refund, Candidates can download the Withdrawal/Deferral Application Form and the Fee Refund form from the RTO’s website. A hard copy of the form may also be obtained from the RTO Manager.

Applications will be considered, and applicant advised in writing, within 21 days of the RTO receiving the application. The
decision as to whether the Candidate will receive a refund or partial refund will be made based on the grounds for refunds
specified above.

5.0 Payment of Refunds

The RTO will pay the refund to the same person or body from whom the payment was received on behalf of the Candidate.

The Candidate must nominate their preferred form of refund either Electronic Funds Transfer or cheque, and provide details on the Refund Form.

6.0 Complaints and appeals

In the event that the Candidate is unhappy with the outcome of their application for a refund, the Candidate may lodge a
complaint under the RTO’s Complaints and Appeals Policy. The existence of this policy and complaints and appeals processes
does not stop Candidates taking action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

7.0 The RTO will provide the following fee information to each client prior to enrolment:

7.1 The total amount of all fees including course fees, administration fees, materials fees and any other charges.
7.2 Payment terms, including the timing and amount of fees to be paid and any non-refundable deposit and/or
administration fee
7.3 The nature of the guarantee given by the RTO to complete the training and/or assessment once the candidate has
commenced study in their chosen qualification or course
7.4 The fees and charges for additional services, including such items as issuance of a replacement qualification testamur
and the options available to candidates who are deemed not yet competent on completion of training and assessment, and
7.5 The organisation’s refund policy.