Professional Development



The 2017 professional learning program has been customised so that individuals can easily identify the areas of career education they may need; pedagogy, professionalism and practice.  The program assists members, students in CEAV Institute and non-members to maintain their competency as career development practitioners through continuing professional development (CPD).  All CEAV Institute professional development programs are mapped to the CICA professional standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners and the APST Standards.


"Thank you for showing us that the universe is still changing, evolving and new to us.  We will start looking up to the stars and dream of the unknown. Who knows what the future might hold?"

- deafConnectED team & students


A list of professional development offered by CEAV Institute in 2017 is available in the Events sections of the CEAV website. 

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Introduction to Career Development Practice 

Advanced Careers Counselling 

Boot Camp 

Career Voyage 

Morrisby Online 

Reflective Practice 

Career Planning for people with Disability 

Upskilling for Career Development Practice

Career Interviewing 

Engaging parents for Career Conversations