Boot Camp for Career Practitioners


The Boot Camp is a very practical and intensive workshop for experienced practitioners in Australian schools. It is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to develop a workable Career Development Strategy Plan related to their careers service. This strategy plan will provide the means by which practitioners record, track and manage their career development services across the year. It will be a robust, evidence based document that can be used to:

  • raise the profile of careers in the school community;
  • rationalise the career interventions used;
  • lobby for appropriate resources;
  • as an organisational tool and;
  • as an ongoing evaluation tool;
  • and as a tracking mechanism to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the careers service.

The Career Development Strategy Plan will provide the ammunition to recruit principals and other stakeholders to support the school’s career development vision and strategies.


This 2 day workshop provides the knowledge, skills and resources for participants to develop and Career Development Strategy Plan contextualised for their own school.

This includes:

  • An outline of the career development interventions in your school
  • A self-managed tool and a mechanism for mapping career development across the organisation
  • A timetable for quality career development service delivery
  • An evidence based document which can be used
    • as leverage for appropriate resourcing of the careers department
    • to raise the profile of Career Development in the school
    • to enhance the career practitioners professional lerning
    • as a tool to inofrm other staff and the school community about roles, responsibilities and tasks involved in career development
    • as a reference document and record, for keeping track of other stakeholders/partners in the careers landscape

A practical manual containing all relevant materials and templates for ongoing evaluation and planning of career development strategies will be provided.

  • A Principal's perspective
  • Rationale for a Career Development Strategy Plan
  • Prioritised Action Plan
  • Career Education Strategies
  • Calendar of Events
  • Referral Agencies and Support Service Providers
  • Allocation of Resources
  • Evaluation Schedule - surveys and quality benchmarks
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Meetings schedule




There are no sessions scheduled in 2017. However, we can offer this for a select group of participants if required.

For further information or to make a group booking please contact RTO Administrator on Ph: 03 9810 6400




"As always excellent presentation and delivery, great valid material that will improve my professional practice."

- Cathy Armstrong, St Albans Secondary College


"It has allowed us to draw up a clear plan of how we would like to deliver our careers service in  the school."

- Mandy Stevens, Carrum Downs Secondary College